Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

 The Bad news is we had to run to the ER again for the Shankster tonite..only the millionth time this year, so no big deal....

The Good news is its 8pm and we are home and the chances of us having to go again this year are slim, so last time to ER this year....... WHOOPEE!

The Ugly?

Who knows what 2017 will bring, after this crappy year we are hanging on to our bootstraps!

Come on 2017...bring it on!!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jeans, Jeans, Everything Jeans!

I love Jeans.

 I say, if I can, I would like to leave this world in a Sweatshirt and Jeans. My favorite clothes.

So its a fact, I have a lot of Jeans scraps. I hate to throw things out and would have probably become a Hoarder of the worst kind if not having to come to my parents home to care for my mom. I really had to downsize....and that is saying it mildly. At around the same time, I also came to a realization when I helped clean after my Aunt Lissie had passed, and found that it really isn't that necessary to keep all the butter containers you use just because you think you may need them in the future...and I was following that immediately went home and disposed of all butter containers... :)

With that being said, when I sew, I do think its ok to keep some scraps you may use in a quilt or another project, as long as you can keep it contained or at a minimum or just organized.  So when I saw how many jeans my dear hubby would go thru, I thought wow, what if I could use these in some other ways somehow.. I mean there are just so many yard sales one person can have and clothes just never seem to sell that good at a yard sale for me.

I first made a jean quilt for my first grandson of jeans from my maternity jeans, my sons jeans and my dads jeans.

 I realized then I would love to make my own Jean quilt for my bed some day so that is when I started keeping any jeans we were done wearing and cutting them into quilting squares.  (After several years of this I finally have enough squares!!)

 But what do you do with the other parts of the jeans? I started keeping the zippers in one pile, and the waist bands in a pile and so on...


When I cut the jeans up I find that I want to make use of every possible piece or I feel I am just wasting the jeans when I could easily have donated them to someplace where another could use them . So by keeping those other parts, I have found ways to use them, like in the touchy feely book I made for Cayson, the zipper so he could learn to use it and the pockets for holding things he can feel or unsnap.

My mother used to braid area rugs or baskets with fabric scraps so I thought why not use some of the seams of the jeans or just other scraps that was left for this? So I have a pile of these also.  Here is what I have so far.

I decided to make an area rug of the waistbands.  At first I went for just a small size but now I think I will keep going with it because I love it. I also think it would also make a good cover for an ottoman. So many choices but I love how it turned out so far and I like keeping in the tags when possible.

 I also recently made a book cover for my Tablet.

I am not a cheap person but I just don't have the means to buy what is out there for a cover, so I just recycled a used notebook cover to glue the jean fabric onto.  I have lots of buttons for embellishments, and just got silly with it for fun. I like it, & its useful and I placed a large pocket in the back to hold a cloth to clean the screen or to put my hand in it to hold it up while playing a game (which I found useful as I play games at nite when I cannot sleep) I placed larger buttons on the front at top and bottom to hold a band to keep it closed if I ever take it out of the house on a trip.  (which I have not done since 2002, but Hey... ya never know)

So Jeans are a useful fabric in so many ways, if you are wondering what you can do with old jeans, and you like to sew or be creative in any way, get busy with jeans.

Once again, Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Olaf Blanket

It seems like my posts are becoming farther and farther apart.  I started the year thinking I was not going to slack off, and I got a good run for a few posts, but now it seems like months have passed since my last post. And I am not sure what happened.

Ok with that off my chest I wanted to show off the 2 blankets I sewed for 2 of my grandsons in 2014.  It seemed like Olaf from the Frozen movie was their choice of themes for Christmas that year and wanted all things Olaf.  So DIL was sure I could provide a couple of Olaf blankets. I don't know why she thought I was such a miracle worker.  But it became my mission to find Olaf Fabric. It was hard finding Olaf material that was worthy of a couple of winter blankets.  Most I found was either cotton, or flannel which was good for Pillow cases...
but I had my heart set on fleece. I had all but given up and was wondering around a supermarket of all places and there it was a OLAF No~Sew Blanket.  So very inexpensive also, I only paid $8.99 for each, I had to get 2. These boys are in a room together and close to age so for things such as this I usually get the same design. I alter each in some way so they each know which blanket is their own. I Loved this find as I always double layer my blankets, it makes them more warm and soft, and the boys seem to love that. So these No Sew Blankets are just the ticket as it takes all the decision making of what to use as a back layer out!  Yes I can be a lil bit lazy....Or you could say I just try to make it as easy as possible.

I usually try to make my own binding so that was all I needed to do and to then sew the front and back together. I have lots of scraps and lots of jean scraps. I decided to make my binding out of jeans. I had blue jeans for one boy and black jeans for the other this way they know which blanket is their blanket.

There are tutorials all over the internet so I won't go into that here but its really simple once you get the hang of it or find a simple tutorial.  You can easily buy binding, and I have but I like to make blankets and quilts and since this was a no sew blanket I wanted to make it my own as much as possible.

I think they came out fine.  The white lines on the side where you are supposed to "cut" and tie since it was supposed to be a No Sew Blanket, I think worked out ok, boys don't know that, just looks like its a design element. :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Felt Board Project

Once again I will say here that I am not a professional when it comes to sewing...but I do like to sew and I do like a challenge.....sometimes.

  DIL gave me a good challenge as she is homeschooling 3 boys, with another to start soon, and finds it hard some days to find an activity to keep one occupied while busy teaching the other since they are at different levels. She thought if I could make a felt board with some story pieces that it would be fun for the kids and also help them with creativity, or at the least keep one busy while other is learning Math!! 

Ok I thought, Sure how hard can this be?  I went on a mission for Felt pieces and something for a board, and found there are lots to choose from in this department! I had all kinds of ideas for the board itself , cardboard, frames, artist canvas and the list goes on, I think this is your personal preference or just what you are willing to pay.  I wasn't up to paying a lot, since I figured the felt may run me a bit. So I found in the Craft department just a sturdy board in the poster board area that was thick enough and large enough and was just 50 cents!  

Its been a long time since I have purchased felt and I was surprised how many different cool colors there are. I mean there was even a tye dye color, I loved it, I think I got that one just for me....I had some large sheets of white felt that was given to me, so I used white Felt for the front, and used a Flannel Sesame Street for the backing.  The Flannel was leftover that I used for making the boys a blanket once so used this just for fun for the back,  they like it and it didn't cost anything.  I find if you can use something you have that works well, go for it.

I didn't spend much money on this, as I had the scissors, glue, Flannel pieces, spare buttons, White Felt, so all I had to buy was the colored felt and board!
Each day I worked on this, I got another call from DIL with new ideas. Boys loved Mr. Potato Head so she wondered if I could incorporate that somehow? Sure why not? I mean I am already out of my realm here so keep those ideas coming...which she did, she then thought since the boys are so much into Super Heroes could I also find a way to do that? SURE...I said.

What had I gotten myself into?

I drew a Mr. Potato Head from looking at pictures on the internet, this would help me cut the "Potato Head" part from the felt. It also helped me in the designing of the Super Hero Costumes and other dress up ideas that were in my head. 

I actually had a lot of fun with this. I made several Potato Head Bodies, and then eyes, lips, arms, ears and mustaches then you have to have the accessories, like the shoes, glasses, hats, crowns, or whatever you think of.  The Super Hero part was also fun, I just knew after buying the boys Spiderman, Superman and Batman costumes and toys what they looked like and just went from there. Even a couple of Swords No Pressure, You just have to figure it all on a Potato Head Body!

I also made a House, Trees with Apples,Clouds, Grass, Sun and Birds! 
And I made a lady Potato Head, with a skirt,  purse and earrings on her ears!!! (boys thought she was funny)

There is also a lot of help on the internet, I found out after, that I was not the first one making their own Felt Board with Story Pieces! So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep toddlers entertained and also help with creativity Create your own Felt Board!  Its easy and fun.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blizzard of 78

Today the south and east coast are getting hammered by a blizzard.  I have to say I am a bit jealous! Crazy, yes, but I never claimed to be anything but....I just love the snow, I could live all year round in snow conditions, I don't mind it at all....and have to say I just loved being in the blizzard of 78 and can remember most of it like it was yesterday. 

Pic is of somewhere in Indiana during that blizzard, but this is similar to what it looked like on my way to work 3 days later, I was a Rural Mail Carrier then and you know nothing much stopped the mail then, so off to work for me.  I loved driving through tunnels of snow all around me...crazy, but it was fun, for me anyway.

Blizzard of 1978

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cobbler or Dump Cake?

Today I ran across an easy recipe for Peach Cobbler, for the Slow Cooker.  I am all about fixing things in the slow cooker so with just 3 ingredients that I actually had in my cabinet I thought this to be a no brainer!

 Below is the link to the recipe I saw online and decided to use.

For some reason I always look at others comments to see if others liked it or not, maybe to see if there is another tip or trick someone used and found it worked better and such, But what I found was totally opposite, there were a few that said it was delicious, but most didn't think it was even Peach Cobbler, there was actually some really nasty complaints that were there.  Most said it was just Dump Cake.

I honestly don't know, but really don't care, its just a dessert and I am going to call it Crockpot Peach Cobbler...cause Dump Cake just sounds awful to me. :)

But I will add some tips.

#1.  Do not use Canned Peaches.
The recipe Clearly calls for Pie Filling Peaches 2~21 ounce cans.
Just because the peaches you have in the cabinet are in cans does not mean they are Pie Filling Peaches unless they say it on the can. And the recipe calling for 21 ounce cans is not a typo like you think, just because the cans you have in the cabinet are 29 ounces.  They are 29 ounces because they are different.
#2.  If you do decide to think you are right and the recipe had a typo, and go ahead and use Canned Peaches, But please drain at least one me.
#3.  If you want crispy browned Cobbler, don't use this recipe at all.  Use your oven.
#4.  If you do use this recipe, you can use 2~29 ounce canned peaches, without draining.  You can also cook for the time it calls for but will still have to put in oven to finish. Probably because of all the extra liquid in the Canned Peaches.

Overall this was good.  Even with all my mistakes.  My take is Pay Attention to your recipe...something I don't always do. Oh and be sure to get lots of ice cream for topping....I kind of made a mess of this...My mom made the best Peach Cobbler, and I cannot re~create it at all since she has been gone.  I have a recipe in her writing, but it never comes out the same, maybe she forgot to mention something or I am just missing her with it. Or maybe, just maybe, I am not reading the recipe correctly?


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Touchy~Feely Book for Baby

I say there isn't much to sew for a boy except a blanket or quilt, but I am meaning I don't know how to do much else, I don't know how to sew a lot, I just am self taught with what I do sew. I will try just about anything, if I think I can do it.  So when M asked me for a Touchy~Feely Book for Cay's first birthday last year, I decided to give it a try.

I had just been given a few scraps of bright colored material, so decided this would be the perfect project to use them. I also had a lot of scraps from the quilts and blankets I have sewn in the past and I tend to keep everything I think I can use.

I have buckets, baskets and bags that I have scraps in, I keep all and any blue jean material, and any zippers, button, pockets or any kind of embellishments I can pull off of them also. You just never know when you may use them, that's my motto anyhow!

I used this as my front, used some different fabrics for the balloons and name you know for the feely effect!
I had lots of different fabrics and for his 1st Birthday I decided to make a #1 from his older brothers Football number shirt, part of which I had used in his quilt a few years back. I thought if the book survived, he could use the house shoe string to learn to tie.
Just some other fabrics I thought had some "feely" to them like silk, flannel, fleece and felt.

Feathers always good to feel, although I found out later they are way to easy for little ones to pull out!!!  I put the jean pockets in for him to learn to open the snap pocket. 
Last just zippers, belt buckles and ties, along with other different things to feel and touch.

and of course the back, made by Nana!  :)